Ceremony-for-pets-coverAni-la is proud
to announce a three CD set
of the Jataka Tales
and an Animal Blessing Empowerment CD

Jatakas Tales are enchanting animal stories designed to delight your child’s imagination and light up your child’s heart.


The Animal Blessing Empowerment was given by H.H. Orgyen Kusum Lingpa for the benefit of all being but especially animals

Ani-la is please to have these CDs of the Jataka Tales and the Animal Blessing Empowerment as our introductory products. We hope these and future items will not only entertain but, in a small way, create a more positive world.

The Jataka Tales

In the West, similar stories were brought to us as Aesop’s deerFables. The dilemmas in the tales are always resolved by non-violent and compassionate means. That is the magic and exceptional beauty of The Jataka Tales. Through their simplicity, The Jataka Tales demonstrate love, compassion and caring for others, the animals, and the earth.

We support people who care about youth by offering high-quality audio CD productions of the time-honored Jataka Tales, delightful animal stories that illuminate lessons about courage, compassion, non-violence, and ethical leadership.

An Animal Blessing Empowerment

pug-useH.H. Orgyen Kusum Lingpa explained why he gave this empowerment: “For all animate beings generally, and particularly for animals such as dogs, birds, worms and so forth, even the slightest contact with these teachings through hearing, touching, and tasting will give rise to the experience of bliss and clarity.”


Jataka Tales are available
as a package or separately

This three CD set of the Jataka Tales come from the book, Twenty Jataka Tales,  by Noor Inayat Khan. Ingrid Sertso, a well renowned jazz singer, tells these Jataka Tales in her lovely lyrical voice, bringing these animal stories alive.

From the first CD, the tale of the Tortoise and the Geese, shows how to have patience even around negativity. Other stories on this CD are: The Monkey Bridge, The Guilty Dogs, BanyanThe Fairy and the Hare, and The Golden Feathers.

From the Second CD, the tale of The Swan King, demonstrates the importance of friendship, loyalty and courage. Other stories on this CD include:The Young Parrot, The Empty Lake, The Master’s Test, The Two Pigs, The Patient Buffalo, and The Sarabha.

One of the tales from the third CD is about The Noble Horse who through his noble actions is able to create a peaceful kingdom. Other Tales are The Goblin Town, The Great Elephant, The Quarrelsome Quails, The Forest Fire, The End of the World, and The Golden Goose.

Ani-la’s mission is to produce
that will not only benefit others,
but expand our horizons as well.

Inspired by John, Katie, Will, Henry and Jack and dedicated to them with love.